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Alberta Advantage Podcast

Jul 23, 2019

Writer James Davidge and artist Nick Johnson join Team Advantage to discuss their graphic novel, 1st Legion of Utopia, an "epic tale of killers, queers, and the birth of Canadian socialism." The story follows a violent world of social unrest, political excitement, and pansy clubs— set in the Great Depression, it...

Jul 17, 2019

Remember how the CCF's Regina Manifesto (1933) was a pleasure to read? Well, here we find out how the party 'moderated' its position. Formulated in the middle of the post-war boom and the Cold War, the Winnipeg Declaration softens the language and ambitions of the CCF, which would go on to become the NDP in 1961.

Jul 9, 2019

Kate interviews Dr. William Carroll, Professor of Sociology at the University of Victoria, and co-director of the Corporate Mapping Project. The CMP recently released a list of the Fossil-Power Top 50, which provided detailed profiles for the most influential organizations in and around the fossil-fuel sector. Some...