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Alberta Advantage Podcast

Aug 31, 2020

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Dimitri Lascaris, leadership candidate for the Green Party of Canada, joins Team Advantage to discuss socialism, the state of the Canadian media ecosystem, proposals to increase the power of workers in our economy, and how to challenge the establishment — both within political parties and in the...

Aug 28, 2020

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Jason Kenney's attacks on public education continue. Politicized attacks on Alberta's curriculum review, farcical comments by government spokespeople, and poor planning for the return to classes mid-pandemic are all eroding trust in public education. Medeana Moussa and Barb Silva from Support Our...

Aug 22, 2020

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As the Black Lives Matter movement continues to make its presence known in Canada and the United States, racist and colonial statues are increasingly being subject to the intense gravitational pull of the Earth. What kinds of statues and monuments are objectionable in Canada? What's being done about...

Aug 11, 2020

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Alberta's UCP Environment and Parks Minister Jason Nixon is planning on partially closing 20 parks, and handing over management of 164 parks to private companies— and internal disclosures suggest a further sell-off of Alberta's parks is in the works. Alberta has also rescinded the 1976 Coal...

Aug 1, 2020

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In 1972, the B.C. New Democrats led by the charismatic Dave Barrett won an upset victory in British Columbia, defeating the 20-year reign of Social Credit's W.A.C. Bennett. In a stunning "legislation by thunderbolt," Barrett's government passed 367 bills in three years, introducing a wide range of...