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Alberta Advantage Podcast

Feb 26, 2021

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Are the NDP merely liberals in a bit of a rush? Team Advantage examines Gary Teeple's 1972 essay, 'Liberals in a hurry': socialism and the CCF-NDP. What role does the Fabian Society have in shaping the thought of the CCF, and later, the NDP? Can real socialist change be made through technocratic changes or parliamentary methods? Is moralizing about capitalism's ill effects a useful way of bringing about political change?

Sweater Weather is a video & audio podcast about Canadian culture, politics & economics from a socialist perspective, hosted & produced by Aaron Giovannone. Follow Aaron on Twitter @SincerityCity, and follow the Sweater Weather series @canadiansweater and

Further reading:
Teeple, Gary. "'Liberals in a hurry': socialism and the CCF-NDP." Capitalism and the National Question in Canada. University of Toronto Press, 1972. 229-250.